Born 3 August 1962 in Tábor

  • 1990 - 1997 Academy of Fine Arts in Prague (Prof. B. Dlouhý, Prof. A. Veselý)
  • 1993 - 1994 San Francisco Art Institute, USA, (Prof. J. Morgan, J. Hatofsky, K. Anno)
  • 2008 - Associate Professor, Academy of Fine Arts in Prague

Lives and works in Prague


I am fascinated by quantities, sets of anything where power and force accumulates. On canvas I like to create bizarre environments and observe the relationships between people, things and situations – even if they are very disparate – creating new connections and unexpected meanings. Those are the fundamental parameters of my work, often heightened to a level of humour and absurdity. Because it is humour that helps us overcome difficulties and keeps us sane. An excess of seriousness generates absurdity.

Roman Franta



I was fascinated by the new technology, there was a great group of artists, pleasant and helpful people at the ironworks, and all the comforts we needed including accommodation. Thanks go to Ivana, Vláďa and Honza.