Born 31 May 1973

  • 1986 – 1990 Secondary School of Applied Art, Uherské Hradiště
  • 1992 – 1997 University of Ostrava, Department of Fine Art (Assoc. Prof. Daniel Balabán)

Lives and works in Ostrava


“Human relationships are as fragile as porcelain”

As if convinced that he should stop after reaching a peak, Aleš Hudeček again decided to transform his style, or more precisely to go back in order to move forward. He abandoned ‘porcelain’, cut back on his use of citations, and above all began once again to work with figural motifs. His canvases feature linear arrangements of beautiful women, ethereal retro figures. Again, the linking thread running throughout these figures is a more or less sarcastic thematization of the current art world, where being a good manager can be more important than producing genuine, authentic work. By rendering these figures in reduced colour, Hudeček emphasizes that they are not important for the work as a whole – what is more important is their physically manifested potency, their potential for active and variable production. It is only through this production that colour once again takes a hold, primarily in the background of the images, and Hudeček’s work gains its meaning.

Extract from a longer text by M. Mikolášek, 2009


Your impressions of the last symposium?

I have very good memories of the symposium. I enjoyed being in the company of some exceptional Czech artists. For me the symposium meant a hectic work schedule, waiting by the kiln never knowing quite what the result would be like, new technologies, innovative painting techniques, an excited public, and tiredness in the evenings.