Born 16 March 1977 in Prague

  • 1993 – 1997 Václav Hollar College and Secondary School of Fine Arts, Prague (Jiří Veškrna, Antonín Škvor)
  • 1999 – 2005 Academy of Fine Arts in Prague (Antonín Střížek, Michael Rittstein)

Lives and works in Prague


The unique style of Karel Jerie’s painting comes from his unbounded imagination and his ability to transpose an idea into a fantasy story on the very boundary between reality and fiction. He creates narratives on the lives of modern heroes, demons, supermen, mutants and imaginary creatures inspired by sci-fi films and computer games. He brings to life prehistoric dinosaurs and pterodactyls, projecting them into the future. He draws on history and the present-day world to create authentic messages peppered with his unmistakable sense of humour and exaggeration. The uniqueness of Jerie’s work is manifested in his skill as a painter and his virtuoso talent for drawing which finds its expression in his comics.

Rea Michalová


The entire week had a very creative atmosphere. There was a very diverse group of artists, though they were unified by a shared approach to painting. For me a fundamental aspect was the genius loci of Vítkovice, and the atmosphere of the symposium reminded me of some of the outdoor events held at the Academy of Fine Arts. It’s a shame that it only lasted seven days.