Born 20 June 1978 in Prague

  • 1997 – 1998 Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design, Prague, studio of Eva Jiřičná
  • 2000 – 2002 Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design, Prague, sculpture studio of Jiří Beránek
  • 2002 – 2006 Academy of Fine Arts, Prague, drawing studio (Prof. J. Svobodová)

Lives and works in Prague


Jan Kaláb, aka Point, aka Cakes, studied at two art schools in Prague and has toured to graffiti festivals in Berlin, Moscow, Manchester, Amsterdam, Gothenburg and Sao Paulo. In 2008 he organized NAMES – a major Czech international street art and graffiti festival – and he is a legend on the Czech scene. Besides classic graffiti showcasing his talent for dynamic compositions with playful use of colour, he also creates street art in a wide range of formats, never afraid to experiment and push the boundaries of the art. On canvas, his expansive graffiti style is reduced to a concentrated, minimalist expression inspired by Piet Mondrian. In recent years some of his work has found its way into galleries, but he still continues to work in the urban environment. His unforgettable works include his Monument to the Victims of Graffiti (created at a prominent Prague location in 2007), his ‘Point’ sculptures (little 3D dragons made up of individual letters, sitting on the window ledges of dozens of buildings) and countless colour pieces throughout the Czech Republic.



It was interesting to try working with enamel techniques. It was a huge experiment, and the results are almost impossible to predict. It was a good trip to Ostrava, and it’s always great to work alongside respected colleagues.