Born 9 September 1941 in Prague

  • 1955-1959 Secondary Industrial School of Interior Design, Prague
  • 1961-1967 Academy of Fine Arts in Prague (Prof. A. Paderlík)
  • 1973-1976 Academy of Fine Arts in Prague, post-graduate study of restoration (Prof. R. Ondráček)
  • 1990 Associate Professor at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague, head of the drawing studio
  • 1991 Professor at the the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague (drawing studio)

Lives and works in Prague


One of the main motifs in Jitka Svobodová’s contemporary work is smoke. It first appeared in some small-scale drawings in 2005, and then gradually began to take on greater dimensions and a broader spectrum of variations. By its nature, smoke records an accelerated process of change, creation and destruction, lying on the very edge of what can be depicted. The only way to capture it is via analogy, with the laws of repeated movement. Like clouds, smoke oscillates between the illusion of corporality and its disappearance.

Petr Vaňous



The symposium had a wonderful and unique atmosphere and location. I saw it as a challenge that came along at the right time – a challenge to try out something new that I had not done before. I might be critical of the results of my work, but the result always surprised me. The event was exceptional in every way.